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Our “Kiezplan” is available!
From now on our Kiezplan is available for free!
You get in our office and at various points in the neighborhood!
Keep your eyes open! It will give you the chance to discovers interesting places
and networks in the neighbourhood around the Wartheplatz!
Our political work about return of refugees to their countries of origin
After our conference: “thinking (re)integration together” with several
international guests we have started to connect to different members of Bundestag
to communicate our positions. Soon the documentation will be published.
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integration makers: create future with diversity

interkular discovers and supports skills of people of different origins and accompanies them and all involved partners in the process of integration in labour market, education and society. Our vision is to discover existing abilities and make use of them in an optimal way despite the background of the people. If this works out it benefits everyone: their future, social connectivity and the labour market.



In our guided Juvenile living section we work with minors & young adults of all origins. They live with us, we develop perspectives together & support them on their way to  self-reliance.


We accompany and advice employers and refugees on their way to collaboration and in all legal questions concerning employment options.


We stand for active neighbourhoods and are concerned with connecting old and new residents for a great social connectivity.

Plan B

We see an intensive counselling and looking for perspectives as the basic of integration- even if in future the perspective might be going back to the country of origin.


Our partners

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